Friday, 8 August 2014

Train Tracks

This train track bridge is near my house and it's usually where I end up whenever I go for a walk. I've never actually walked all the way across it, usually I end up somewhere in the middle and then turn around. But I finally decided it was time to face my fear of heights and sit on the edge. When I first approached it, and looked down, I was super freaked out and almost gave up. But I pushed the fear aside, knowing that it was perfectly safe as this bridge is very sturdy, and as soon as I sat down, the fear was gone and I had a pretty awesome view in front of me. #worthit! The moral of the story? Sometimes things I think are scary and maybe even impossible, turn out to be amazing and rewarding...all it takes is that leap of faith. So deep, I know. :)

Outfit Details: Skirt: Brandy Melville, Tank: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Target, Flip-flops: Havaiana's 

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