Saturday, 14 February 2015

Daisy Dress

Hi! I'm back. It's definitely been awhile. The whole going m.i.a seems to be a trend in my blogging story. But! I'm hoping to end that trend and stick around for a while. :) It's not something that happens by choice, sometimes life gets in the way and things happen that make it extremely difficult/impossible. But I feel that my life is now stable enough for me to become more consistent with updating etc. This post is just a quick ootd style, using crappy iPhone pics but in the future they will be higher quality. 
The dress is from: Hollister...I never ever go into that store, but I decided to pop in for a look and immediately spotted this and knew I would have to have it. 
The booties are from: Target 
And the hat is from: Pac Sun.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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